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Mbeng Pouka
Out of History’s Foundation

My name is Mbeng Pouka. I’m a Bassa painter and sculptor from Cameroon.
My motivation comes from the privilege to be alive in this beautiful world, where everything has been uniquely and individually created, from the dust to the stars.

The input and objective of my work is to facilitate humanity to overcome our ignorance that causes the fear and separation; creating frontiers, walls, war… in our planet.

Our world is filled with abundance, where the human race should be enjoying their uniqueness, the beauty of our colour, the diversity of our cultures and languages.

Through the knowledge of the natural laws set in the universe, to produce harmony amongst all life by establishing the love, compassion and understanding for a long-lasting peace with ourselves and others.

I’m working on a 10 metres long by 171 cm high canvas using oil painting entitled ‘Out of History’s Foundation’ which is one of the many large art works in my collection destined to bring the awakening of human knowledge and ability to live in harmony with everything created.

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