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Today the children of our World are quickly becoming teenagers without them realizing or becoming aware of the richness of their land and culture of origin. All this is due to the technology and the various high-tech means that surround them from a very young age, even in the so-called disadvantaged or developing countries!!!! Once confronted with difficulties of order: think-draw-act-record!!! That’s where the problems and the various blockages begin, or even withdrawal or rebellion… Reflecting, creating, acting, inventing are vectors/values that serve us for a lifetime.

This workshop should allow young people (using elements of recovery or other…) to embellish and give meaning to their daily lives through thought and action without it being a question of finance or lust in priority.


These young people must learn to observe, identify and keep self-confidence, accompanied by a culture of MANIFEST and CREATION… developing the spirit of design, taste and aesthetics that may be in conflict with a tear due to a personal history buried in them and just waiting to be transformed.

I think that the action of LOADS – DISCHARGES is a question of weight and liberation. My example is my life’s journey, from which I draw inspiration in my daily life and in my artistic practice of yesterday and today. All of this was initiated by a liberation movement, so I was able to question my person through personal introspection, followed by a quest nourished by historical and cultural research? Then, I sought to know where I came from and who I really was and why I lived here!!! This past-present and future experience transformed into a singular and artistic writing which became this expression which allowed me to claim my wishes and DESIRES in this world and to emancipate myself in this carefree carelessness which characterizes us during adolescence with our evils.

Apply/act as the basic gesture of GRAFFITI on different ephemeral supports in a short destiny. I saw that it captured the emotion and the attention of those for whom I was the stranger!!! I wanted to see big, hence the idea of the wall and large surfaces … by crossing the threshold of prosperity which accompanied my social and urban emancipation.

The notion of creation is compatible with that of development and structuring. It is the latter that I wish to transmit and help these young people to develop or conceive in a personal development that is within their reach. Their aggressiveness, their impulse will be transformed into an abundance of colors, collages, materials of all kinds applied in thick or thin layers stratified so that they deepen their feelings by discovering sensitivity and emotion … From these creations made in an experimental workshop, with mixed techniques intended for a collective exhibition will come and arise themes, events from their daily lives as well as from the World around them.

From this intense collective work will emerge a spontaneity at any moment in a free gesture and in a vindictive spirit!
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