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Virginie Provence

I practice differents arts ( music, danse, singing) including photography for twenty years.
Moreover, my studies and life experiences have led me to encounter life in its physical and energetic reality (University degree in natural sciences, Studies in Traditional Chinese and thailand Medicine, practise of sacred geobiology and traditional shamanism).
Nature is for me one of the greatest source of inspiration.
To get away from the noise and the bustle of the world of men, nature is where I go to recharge, there where peace and the power of the elements are found.
I take some time to observe, like in meditation, to listen, smell, feel and connect with the vibrant life surrounding me.
I savour the slow movement of clouds in the sky, their reflections in the watery mirrors. I enjoy decyphering their messages carved in tree bark, those too they write with their bare branches in the winter. I am always attracted by the water of springs, rivers, lakes, which unveil to my eyes fantasy paintings. Presences invisibles to the ordinary eye.
I have chosen to photograph, write with light, so as to celebrate and honour the world of the living, the magic of elements.
I like taking peaceful pictures, inspiring ones, so that everyone may let themselves be touched by the vibration of the world, our world, and reconnect with beauty and the great mystery of Life.
Today, many people live in big cities, disconnected from the magic of nature. They forgot all about that.
My idea is to get them to find that peace and quiet that is found in immersion in nature, in contact with water, wood, fire, sky, earth.
I also like the idea that my pictures ask about what we can see and feel, wondering if we really know the reality of what surrounds us.
What the essence of life ?
I imagine exhibitions made in the city and in the wilderness too (on differents supports, rigid or flexible) to re-learn to observe, to let yourself be touched too by the vibration of life, with a bath of natural sounds, and with the participation of other visual artists and musicians.
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