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Donald Muldrow Griffith
Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre

Fountainhead® Tanz Théâtre

Black International Cinema Berlin

The Collegium – Forum & Television Program Berlin

“Footprints in the Sand?” ExhibitionBerlin

Cultural Zephyr e.V.

is an international, intercultural community of persons engaged in achieving increasing understanding and cooperation between individuals and groups in support of democratic procedures and the elimination of violence, religious, ethnic and gender persecution, youth exploitation, homophobia and racial hatred through the process of art, education, culture and dialogue.

“I may not make it if I try, but I damn sure won’t if I don’t…” – Oscar Brown Jr.
“Mankind will either find a way or make one.” – C.P. Snow
“Whatever you do…, be cool!” – Joseph Louis Turner
“Yes, I can…!” – Sammy Davis Jr.
“Yes, We can…!” – Barack Obama
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