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Rodrigo Arenas-Carter

Oral History has been a tool to know, to analyze, and to record phenomena throughout human history. Traditionally, it has relied on resources such as interviews, testimonies, audio and video recordings, among others. But, with the advent of online social media, new repositories of the Oral History have emerged, including interactions, opinions, news, and of course trends and data, which serve to configure, on a daily basis, a social discourse. In this context, Post Tenebras Lux [PTL] will retweet and, thus, it will store tweets related with the migratory flow in Chile, regardless of the connotation or content that each of these units of information could have.

At the end of each day [Chile local time – UTC – 03:00], a search will be done on Twitter with the parameters “migración Chile”, “migration Chile”, “migrantes Chile” and “migrants Chile”. The results of the search will be retweeted, excluding repeated opinions and retweets of news articles.

Based on the information collected, daily trends will be determined. Based on this, two tweets will be posted, one in English and one in Spanish, along with their corresponding image. If no trend is evident, no tweets will be posted. It should be highlighted that sharing information in Twitter is an absolutely voluntary and public act. PTL respects users who prefer to keep their tweets protected and those who contact the project in order to remove their tweets from our profile.
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