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Marc Williams Debono
Transdisciplinarity in Art & Science

Our aim is to show how the Art & Science field and research in the Arts correspond to needs in our contemporary societies. We raise this topic by looking at the evolution of sciences and at inter- or multidisciplinary reading grids cross-pollinizing cultures. What are the singular or experimental relationships that divide or, on the contrary, unite the artistic and scientific approaches? How do we open up the disciplines and the knowledge without falling into mingling or into over-simplification? We shall see through concrete examples in neuroscience (cognitive reserve, brain plasticity) or at the border between Art & Science (cosmology, hybridation, mathematics, morphogenesis, palaeontology, performative art, mythology…), that only by adopting a common transdisciplinary framework can contemporary Art and the scientific process be reconciled without any depreciation one to the other. It follows a plasticity of thought necessary for overcoming cleavages and for a better fluidity of language: a milestone in the era of the digital and transmedial culture in which we are immersed.

Neurobiologist and president of an association dedicated to widening the links between arts, sciences and humanities (Plasticités Sciences Arts, PSA), Marc Williams Debono is currently in charge of an Art and Science division in Ile de France (CC91) and directly involved in several national and European transdisciplinary networks and structures. In this interview carried out as part of an artistic production dedicated to the study of the relationships between humans and the postmodern city, he addresses the fundamental role of neuroplasticity in a hypercommunicating and hominescent era in the sense of Michel Serres, responding to the radical upheavals of humanity. This new generation of visual artists requires a remodeling (globalization of the body and knowledge) and a redefinition of humanity and/or humanization (invention of the worlds objects described by Serres and on another level evoking the Tout monde of Glissant) facing the digital tidal wave, transhumanist or linked to the Anthropocene.
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