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Solveig de Ory & Jean-Robert Sédano
La Ronde

La Ronde is an interactive digital installation that invites the public to form a musical and luminous round. Eight bases are arranged in a circle, each supporting a pair of bronze hands topped with a white umbrella which serves both as a shelter and colour screen. To produce the sounds and colours, participants simply give their hands to the bronze hands. Each person in contact produces one eighth of the musical composition. The resulting polyphony is based on the number of participants, and the notes played are associated with colours. In the absence of the public, La Ronde remains silent and monochrome. Two people (or more) can be in the same interval: each person gives one hand to the bronze hands then creates the loop by giving the other person their free hand. When the loop of La Ronde is closed by the continuous contact between human hands and bronze hands, the music reaches its most complex form, constantly changing according to the tactile pressure exerted by each participant. To enter La Ronde is to create and share a moment of musical conviviality, a metaphor of human cooperation contributing to the harmony of the world…
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