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Mathilde Bouvard
Social and committed art

Mathilde Bouvard is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1985. She has been developing her artistic activity throughout Europe since 2006, through exhibitions, festivals and photo-reportage projects.

The first of its kind, Prostitutes of Europe, has been exhibited in Paris (Théâtre de l’Odéon – Monnaie de Paris, Nuit de la photographie contemporaine, Galerie 14 ), Brussels (Maison du Livre), London (Sex Worker Open University), Berlin (ACUD), Avignon (University) and Geneva (Haute Ecole de Travail Social).

The exhibition has also been the subject of several publications, documentaries, press articles, radio and TV broadcasts.

In 2011, Mathilde Bouvard also carried out the project I’m hungry, which deals with contemporary famine and extreme poverty in Western Europe, but also with food waste, agro-ecology and alternatives for food production and consumption. The exhibition was presented at the Galerie de Nesle in Paris, in the presence of the writer Robert Mc Liam Wilson and the A.N.D.E.S., a national network of solidarity grocery stores, and at La Maison du Livre in Brussels, where a round table bringing together various European representatives and experts in urban agriculture was set up.
In parallel to this European project, she has produced a series of portraits of Parisian activists, notably fighting against AIDS and homophobia.

Through her reportage projects, Mathilde Bouvard tends to give a socio-artistic dimension to her work, in order to go beyond aesthetics to transport the viewer into a social and committed conception of art. Her projects bring together several disciplines (painting, music, photography, video, etc.) and several artists and actors from different fields (social, scientific, educational, etc.).

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