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Alain Seraphine

Alain Seraphine graduated in 1975 with a national diploma in Fine Arts with compliments of the jury and a special mention for his pedagogical involvement. By inventing a

It is by inventing an approach of “involved artist” that Alain Seraphine will strive year after year through his creative approach, to create on Reunion island works that combine culture, social, and economy with the objective to foster creative thoughts capable of generating dreams, to fight against all forms of exclusion, as well as to create a different way of living and living together for the environment. In order to serve the climate, at the end of 1979 he began his research and creation work on:

  • S.E.E. Energy Saving System
  • L’ARCHE, a system for Self-Realization and Construction of an Evolutionary Habitat.

Beyond his paintings, his sculptures, his design creations as well as the associations he has created, such as the Atelier Portois, the Village Titan, which have allowed him to experiment his approach:
1991: he founded the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de la Réunion, which he directed until he was awarded the European Master’s Degree after being assessed by the AERES in 2010.
1994: he founded the Institute of the Image of the Indian Ocean, a higher education institution for professional training in the fields of image and new media (2D/3D animated cinema, video games, multimedia, audiovisual/cinema).
1995: he founded Pipangaï, a manufacturing and production company in animated cinema, with the industrialist Abdéali Goulamaly.
1997: he founds the Biennale Arts Actuels Réunion which allows young emerging talents from the so-called economic South to make his island on the world map, a land of creation and incubation of innovative projects at the crossroads of cultures.

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