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Alain Séraphine

Since 1975, Alain Séraphine has pursued the approach of the “involved artist”. This entails a persistent commitment to create works and institutions on his home island, the Reunion, that combine culture, social engagement and economic development. His aim and beliefs are constant: to develop creative thinking that can generate dreams, fight against all forms of exclusion, and promote a different way of living together.

His practice encompasses painting, sculpture and design projects.

The artist has, notably, accomplished the following:

– in 1991, the Reunion Graduate School of Fine Arts that obtained an equivalence to the level of European Master’s degree, validated by the AERES in 2010.

– in 1994, the Institute of Image of Indian Ocean; a Higher Education Institution for professional training in the fields of Image and New Media (2D / 3D animation cinema, video game, multimedia, audiovisual / cinema)

– in 1995, Pipangaï, a computer digital animation Studio launched with Abdéali GOULAMALY.

– in 1997, the Reunion Biennale, which welcomed young emerging talents from the “Southern economic countries”. The Reunion Island becomes a land of creation and incubation for innovative projects at the crossroads of Asian, African and European cultures.

– in 2018, he works on the creation of “L’ILIADE” (L’Institut de L’Image Afrique Asie en Digital Design – The Institute of African and Asian Image in Digital Design)

Alain Séraphine was invited to speak at the evening organised by Humanities, Arts and Society, “Music and Conversation, an evening with the artists of the HAS exhibition”, at the European Humanities Conference 2021. Humanities, Arts and Society organised the exhibition of the EHC2021 both online and at the Gulbenkian Museum in Libon, Portugal.

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