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Alain Seraphine

Since 1975, Alain Séraphine has pursued the approach of the “involved artist”. This entails a persistent commitment to create works and institutions on his home island, the Reunion, that combine culture, social engagement and economic development. His aim and beliefs are constant: to develop creative thinking that can generate dreams, fight against all forms of exclusion, and promote a different way of living together.

His practice encompasses painting, sculpture and design projects.

The artist has, notably, accomplished the following:

– in 1991, the Reunion Graduate School of Fine Arts that obtained an equivalence to the level of European Master’s degree, validated by the AERES in 2010.

– in 1994, the Institute of Image of Indian Ocean; a Higher Education Institution for professional training in the fields of Image and New Media (2D / 3D animation cinema, video game, multimedia, audiovisual / cinema)

– in 1995, Pipangaï, a computer digital animation Studio launched with Abdéali GOULAMALY.

– in 1997, the Reunion Biennale, which welcomed young emerging talents from the “Southern economic countries”. The Reunion Island becomes a land of creation and incubation for innovative projects at the crossroads of Asian, African and European cultures.

– in 2018, he works on the creation of “L’ILIADE” (L’Institut de L’Image Afrique Asie en Digital Design – The Institute of African and Asian Image in Digital Design)
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