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Beach Art

Jben’s motivations are numerous but the most important are freedom and communion with nature. The limitless possibilities of a blank canvas offered by beaches at low tide echo the infinite possibility of his art. Through his art he can feed his creativity and at the same time share moments of escape with people. He can bring them a positive vibration in their every day life trough the photos and videos of his work. The incredible feedback of his fans, friends and family are a great motivation too.

He’s convinced that art can help make this world a better place. Beach art allows him to raise awareness, to pay tribute, to convey strong messages in an original way and finally it can help others in some ways.

He has several times used his frescoes to defend various causes, sometimes gathering several thousand people. Many non-profits have collaborated wih him to communicate in an original way on the cause that they defend and reach a large number of people. He also sometimes works with schools to include beach art in the educational process. The involvement of others in his artistic projects shows that we can unite and try to change things in harmony.
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