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Katia Miranda
Plastic Era

I have been working with plastic bags in order to aesthetically assault the spectator. I have noticed that these bags seduce us, but they quickly wear us out. We use them, but we also get tired of them. Our surroundings are saturated and we depend on them for our necessities. We wrap, hide, protect, transport, contaminate, and recycle through them. Their short life in our hands turns into forever on the face of the earth. Nevertheless, these plastic carryalls which so easily capture our attention have, with their everlasting plastic, grave consequences for the natural world. The average useful life of a plastic bag is less than 15 minutes, yet the billions of metric tons that are discarded every three years take more than 500 years to decompose.

My goal is to create awareness by visually recycling these polymers. I intend to change the way of looking at things uncovering the aesthetic potential that plastic bags have giving them a tasteful appearance, so that they do not go unnoticed, and so they are not discarded without memory and remorse. I want us to pledge to actively recycle, raise awareness and to educate inviting people to support programs and projects that help reduce the amount of plastic that plagues our environment.
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