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Alexia Traore

Alexia Traore is a dancer and visual artist, born in Paris in 1977. She draws from the body, its history and its environment to support her research. Installations, photographs, videos, sculptures… Her works question movement, intimate and collective memory, the complexity of women’s lives, and our relationship to consumption and sustainability. Using recycled materials and recuperated objects, Alexia Traore questions the construction of human identity in a visual and corporal polyphony. In solo or with international artists (Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan) she creates unclassifiable performances, bridges between several cultures. Her work has been awarded by several organizations, including CMTRA (Noor, 2017) CHANTIERS DE BABEL (Noor, 2019) TREMPLIN JEUNE CREATION CONTEMPORAINE (Résiliente(s), 2020).

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