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Anne Cazaubon

#Flyingproject is strongly inspired by the phenomenon called “the murmurations”. It is observed at dusk, just before twilight, when birds are looking for a place to perch during the night. An absolutely magical ballet is then formed. But what seems so extraordinary is actually a real question of survival for the starlings. It’s all about safety for them, none want to be on the outside and none want to be the first to land. It’s a kind of epic battle to determine which birds in the swarm will survive and which will be targeted by predators. Those that appear isolated or don’t follow the group are obviously much more vulnerable. Each starling therefore tries to fly as close as possible to its neighbours, copying their speed and direction exactly. It is from this deliberate synchronization that the tiny deviations the birds make are magnified and enlarged, creating a swirling, twirling cloud.

Bringing joy, re-enchanting the world, blowing poetry into everyday life… This is what I try to develop through what I call “Sweet art”. In the heart of the city, where one least expects it, I try to suspend time in the frantic race of the city dwellers. Through play and poetry, I try to contact “the child in the adult”. To wake it up. To remind them that they are important in the eyes of the world. Through play, by dealing with what is there, while diverting it to bring joy to the other. I make “Sweet Art” in several forms, including performance.
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