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Marisa Cecchetti
Freediving Dancer Trailer

Marisa has a graduate degree in Physics and has taken courses in dance of all kinds: classical, modern, contemporary, hip hop, break dance, step choreography, African, physical theater, and contact improvisation that is still practiced around Europe. She is a scuba diver since 1997 with many diving certifications: PADI Advanced, Rescue and Medic First Aid NASE, SSI More than 100 dives, Dry suit. She has more than 350 dives in the most beautiful and challenging seas of the world. She has the certification of the first level Apnea Academy and second level freediving SSI and has followed a monofin course with Mike Maric, static and dynamic apnea with Umberto Pelizzari sensitive dance with Claude Coldy. She trains regularly to improve her performance in the water.

With FreedivingDancer, Marisa wants to merge her passion for dance with her love of diving to create dance videos in water without breathing, at a depth of up to 17 meters, dancing without fins and taking advantage of the beautiful and unique scenery of the deepest pool in the world: Y-40. These investigations in movement underwater with different laws of physics take also take place under the sea, as this video filmed in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy. It wants to celebrate the natural environment where humans can live naturally, without breathing and without damaging it. The movements of the body are free and represent the human origin before our birth. Dancing underwater is a very relaxant way to be connected to the nature and to be awareness of our human condition.

This research in movements in the water started in 2014 and continues to evolve. It allows discovery of the various super-powers that the water gives to the human body and connects the body to its origins before birth.
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