Artists and projects
Carlos III University of Madrid

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) was founded in 1989 with the intention of being a top quality and innovative public university. The mission of this university is aimed at serving as a contributing factor to the improvement of society through the offering of quality filled teaching and advanced investigation skills which are up to the standards of demanding international criteria. This university aspires to achieve excellence within all its activities.

Back in 2009, UC3M’s vice-chancellorship of Communication and Culture created the Art’s Centre. The Arts Centre is an innovative service in Spanish Higher Education Studies. It is aimed at integrating the performing arts within the university community and also, within the citizens’ lives. It succeeds in doing so through a cultural profile of pedagogical essence. The Arts’ Centre is distinguished by the excellence found inside the university’s artistic companies.

The group of artistic companies is made out of the following: an orchestra, a choir, a dance laboratory, and a theatre company. Such companies have been active for more than twenty years. They have visited several countries and have received awards in various showcases and festivals.

These artistic companies converge annually in the summer program UNIESCENA. UNIESCENA offers activities to students in different regions of the country.

The Auditorium is a university landmark. It is a space in which UC3M and prestigious companies showcase their work and encourage the creation of new audiences through various programmes. Such programmes include THE SPECTATOR SCHOOL and the EDUCATION PROGRAM with the Royal Theatre Company and Teatro de la Zarzuela. More projects that make part of these initiatives include the group formed by high school students, SCHOOL ON STAGE and CLASSROOOM DANCE as well as performances by the university community.

From the beginning, the Arts Centre features an educational vocation of high standards. Our students have diverse training opportunities, workshops and courses including CHOIR DIRECTION and sessions by Odin Teatret, as well as the successful SCHOOL OF ARTS programme. The latter is produced in collaboration with Círculo de Bellas Artes amongst other institutions.

Besides enjoying the cultural opportunities of the Centre, students achieve academic credits through the CULTURAL PASSPORT. The CULTURAL PASSPORT is a service which strives to create connections between the university and major cultural institutions in Madrid.

The main challenge currently faced by the Arts Centre lies in producing international activities. Two recent projects seek to pursue this objective: CROSSING STAGES, a pioneering European project researching classic mythology’s updates, which is coordinated by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid together with seven other European countries. The second one is the new PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT and its MFA THE AFTER CREATION directed by Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga.

Our main goals are:
– To contribute to the integral formation of students in the university through artistic training.
– Encourage cooperation wishes of students through collaboration in social and cultural projects.
– Expand the range of activities of the university in their immediate social environment.
– Develop a scenic quality work in social settings.

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