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Clémence Vazard
Sois Belle et Tais-Toi

Clémence Vazard is a Paris based artist whose interdisciplinary artistic practice explores gendered violence and female representation.

After graduating with a Master in Arts and Culture Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris in 2009, the artist exhibited her work in international art festivals such as Chromatic Festival in Montreal and Passion for Freedom Festival in London and had several solo and group shows in London (M&C Saatchi), Paris (Galerie 21, FGO Barbara, Le Carreau du Temple…), Avignon (City Hall) and the US (Central Features Gallery). In 2017, a few months before #metoo, she engaged 12 women to reclaim their intimate stories by asking them one question: “What is your first memory of being harassed?”. With these authentic testimonies and powerful portraits the artist created an immersive visual and sound installation called #monpremierharcelement (#myfirstharassment). By giving these women the rare opportunity to speak up, be listened to and believed, Clémence Vazard transformed intimate stories into political matters.

Recently, Clémence Vazard launched a multidisciplinary art project called “Sois Belle et Tais-Toi “(Be pretty and shut up) to denounce the negative impact of the beauty injunction on women’s rights. In a performance, the artist traces the outline of her body with lipstick on a mirror, reminiscent of the traces left on the crime scenes. Clémence Vazard engages the audience to participate until she removes the plaster covering her lips. By freeing herself from the stereotypes and representation norms, Clémence Vazard sends a message to other women that no beauty standard should interfere with the construction of their identity. Clémence is a thought leader in art and feminism, the artist is regularly invited to give talks or even museum lectures about women artists and feminist movements. She recently co-founded “META collective” with 13 French womenartists. In a year only, the collective has already been invited to exhibit in galleries and Art Centres in Paris.
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