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C.BO Ceciel
Le Grand BavARTdage

“Blah blah blah, a drawing says more than a speech”

This project is interactive and spectators can participate in its evolution. Multicultural and nomadic, it is accessible to all across generations and cultures.

It’s based on sharing and exchanging, a voyage between those who create and those who watch, entering into the heart of the work.

The artistic project consists of two components: the creator/creation and the audience. The idea is to invite everyone, artists and all those who wish to participate to occupy a bubble of comic strip on both sides (phylactère) in order to hang it on among other creations.

I want the speech bubbles to be a part of art (drawings, collage, photography, engravings…) to create a connection beyond the language barrier, across generations, without technical know-how.

The image, broadly speaking, is without words, sentences or texts to be available to and understood by the entire world.

For several years, the “multiple” belongs to the main part of my graphic work on a technical point of view, in terms of both content and form aspect.
The line as a link is my dynamic-centric researches main thread based on different techniques (drawing, engraving, painting, photography, ceramic…) and effects of materials and also subjects offering resistance.

The human face is a dominant theme where the subject has a dialogue together with the spectator who can enter into the work, during participative, interactive and itinerant projects.

My artistic work is presented during individual and collective exhibitions in France since 2012 and I hope soon abroad.

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