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Stephanie Hanna
Making Art Today

Why do I make art – still, today, again? Because I can stay in a connection through making art, naturally, to something that is bigger than me. It is a spiritual work, also a confirmation (of existence) by doing, a finding of ways in action. I improvise in my work, as well as in life.

And why (make art) especially today? Because I think we have to speak out. With art, you can express things in a different way. The mental way is often blocked. We are in a babylonian impasse: There is this position and that position, and in between a wall. People do not understand each other, because their views on the world are so extremely different that there is no common ground for verbal communication anymore. Art can provide a different access. It is a sensual experience that exceeds the five known senses. It has a lot to do with what happened before, with our ancestors, as well as what might come after us. And I see my purpose in directing the attention towards that.

Stephanie Hanna, born and living (again) in Berlin, Germany, makes process-oriented and situation-specific artistic productions in the fields of audio, video, performance and spatial installation. Her works are based on improvisation and unpredictability. Curiosity about the multitude of perspectives and what happens in-between let her involve other people, strangers as well as friends, in ways that are somewhere between participation and collaboration. In this department store window situated on a well-frequented street corner in Berlin, Neukölln, she presents inherited, gifted, found and also discarded objects, alters them, paints and assembles them – and shifts their constellations weekly in order to question what could be considered predominantly strong images. In the summer 2016, she invited a series of artists visiting Berlin to break down and reconstruct her installation in unannounced and spontaneous improvisations.
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