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Annina Roescheisen

As an artist moved by humanitarian causes, my work addresses complex social and political themes, such as women’s rights, autism, and suicide. In light of today’s global turbulence, I want to continuously speak in alliance with universal tolerance, diversity, and above all peace, through my creative practice.

My vision for #WhatBringsPeace is to invite the global community to participate in a dialogue on what peace means to us individually and as global citizens in the 21st century. By combining public art, human engagement through social media, and video documentation, the art project seeks to unite the multi-faceted interpretations of peace from all around the world. Inclusivity plays a paramount role in #WhatBringsPeace, and for me that means encouraging engagement from every human being regardless of socio-economic background, race, religion, location, or gender identification. I am honored to work alongside institutional peace organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, Nonviolent Peaceforces, and Peace Unify Organization to help cross international borders.

For the documentary film, I will be interviewing people as I travel the world to explore what peace means, encouraging each person to express their thoughts either via traditional questionand-answer interviewing, or through dance, music, performance, etc. Each interview will act as a stand-alone piece of video art, and a selection of the footage will also become part of a longer documentary art film produced at the end of the project. Together, these artistic expressions will create a voice on behalf of a multicultural understanding of peace, obscuring the limits of an art project.

The #WhatBringsPeace sculpture I created looks like a large-scale street sign with a convex mirror at its center, attracting visitors to view themselves in the context of their surroundings. With the hashtag featured prominently on the sign, I chose an eye-catching, recognizable object to both illustrate inclusivity and entice the curiosity of people passing by. As the project’s core multiplier, the #WhatBringsPeace social media accounts allow all social demographics – young and old – to participate. All posts using the hashtag #WhatBringsPeace will be reposted to create a collage of peace thoughts on the project’s Instagram feed. Because inclusivity and diversity are at the heart of #WhatBringsPeace, social media acts as a prism to reflect a rainbow of responses that represent a truly panhuman movement towards peace. By simply asking „what brings peace,“ a ripple effect based on this important topic starts to expand from individual thoughts and ideas to a greater collective meaning. I believe that #WhatBringsPeace has the capacity to embrace diverse interpretations of peace and to inspire a global collaboration for building peaceful change.
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