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Denis Augé
Stone Charmer

My name is Denis Augé. Since seven years, I am a stone charmer.
Of Norman origin, my background in the robotic studies led me to teaching and creating a studie office in Martinique. Then I went sailing for 9 years on the Caribbean Sea.
Back in France near Carcassonne, I discover the restoration of old buildings, then interior architecture. From there was born the desire to sculpt from masonry technics.

So I created the pebble sphere without visible structure, releasing the stone of gravity. The sphere represents for me the key to opening the way on the monumental sculpture.

Self-taught in the art world my creations have allowed me to exhibit in Brussels, Place des Voges in Paris, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Courchevel and to present my work to different architects and landscapers like mister Kazuyuki Ishihara in Tokyo and Kyoto.

I am motivated by the idea of having a strong impact on the public during exhibitions and thus awaken their inner child by offering surprising and magical creations.

Art is also a way to develop other projects. I set up an ecological project by the free distribution of stickers in order to reduce advertising into the letter boxes. Other sculpters join this ecological action.

In 2015, I set up a philantropic project with the creation of the association Artist Convection. This association allows to catalyse positive energy through artistic exchange and make sens to the creation in order to take action to the benefit of children.

In conclusion, I have the ambition to carve community to realize my big project called the Orchards of Heart, that is the creation of a tree plant nursery cultivated by school children of my village, in order to establish an ideal orchard where all generations would meet around nature, culture and sculpture.
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