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Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
One to Another

The artwork focuses on personal and larger issues of cultural transformation related to global mobility and the precarious situation of the nomadic artist. In my installation, I have incorporated packaging, mainly from food products. The artwork represents and symbolizes how things – and people – come together from around the world to be re-combined at a new location. The context and significance of the artwork for me is, first of all, highly personal, a mean to make connections between my native country and background and my present situation. The subject of the artwork, however, also touches upon more general issues related to contemporary global mobility, everyday aesthetics and routines, and is thereby significant in terms of cultural transformation and the challenges of living and surviving for neo-nomadic artists.

I really like to travel, exploring new things; Travelling feeds my creativity, self discovery, approaches and investigations about the world; “gaining experiences.” My journeys are always filled with inspiration and creativity. My travelling is so meaningful to me, both for knowledge and also for experiences. Travelling, to me, is visiting Utopia Stations. Each station is a Utopia Laboratory Station. Here I can make my wishes come true, one by one, from one to the next, building the future… Utopia!
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