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Swati Gupta
Indian Connection

I like working with different mediums and across boundaries. It has been an interesting and challenging journey of exploring different themes, varied contemporary art practices during the past 10 years. While the focus remains on the visual language, my works could be conceptual, abstract or representational. In the recent series of gouaches, the interaction of lines, colors, washes, and drops sensitizes us towards a flow, a flux of emotions. We could name them as landscapes, mindscapes or a dialogue of different moods. A mix of real and abstract, just like humans who are complex and intriguing, my gouache works narrate different emotions and feelings. The way I use the color illustrates how people are vulnerable and fragile, like nature. At the end of each work, it’s like a self‐discovery for me, like a voyage into an imaginary world, yet I feel very much connected to our own world.

Through these works, I’m trying to contemplate emotions, feelings, people and nature. I use watercolors, inks, gouache paints, threads, tape, collage, cloth and paper.

I like to transform spaces and thoughts. Experimenting with colors, mediums and subjects. Evoking ideas and feelings through my works in spectators. I have been illustrating my journey through these works, that of a woman, a lover, a social human being, that of a fragile and sensitive one.
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