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Théophilo Jarbath
Photographer and explorer in Haiti

A photographic, documentary, audiovisual, artistic and sound project with a scientific and humanitarian dimension in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach.

The project aims to inventory and list all the spaces and water heritage that Haiti possesses. In addition to looking at, analyzing and symbolizing the different dynamics, mutations, constructions, symbols and icons, the constructions of reality and reconstructions based on reflection.

The water acts as a mirror that plays as a symbol and the symbolism of water in exchanges, representations linked to the inhabitants around and through water. The forms of relationships that are built, traditional know-how and practices, discursive models, rites and customs, stories and experiences specific to the regions around, in and through water.

This project is at the crossroads of a viewpoint where the people who live in the territory have a constant and daily need for water without knowing how to manage it well. This renewable resource that disappears and kills many people in some areas of the country due to external geodynamic phenomena, waterborne diseases, or other drifts related to human actions.
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