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Anissa Lalahoum
The Energy of LOVE

My paintings speak of the pure expression of the soul that we all have in us, but that we do not always express. Although I write messages in Arabic, they are not readable by academic reading but by spiritual feeling. Meditation and connection to painting allows us to feel the hidden message of the subconscious mind, so that everyone can connect to it by focusing on the painting and feeling the energy that comes out of it. The goal is to discover oneself through art because the work of art is not the one we look at but the one who looks at it.

The reading of my works is universal and speaks about the connection of beings to each other. I am not an isolated being, I am connected to the whole and the whole is connected to me. By being my own light in harmony with the unique being and at the same time connected to all living beings, my change, commitment and inner peace will manifest itself all over the world. I change myself, I change the world.

I have created a Facebook group called “Devenir ambassadeur de l’humanité” (“Become an Ambassador of Humanity”), so that each individual by refocusing on themselves and connecting to others with benevolence, can transmit their well being and being their own light that illuminates part of the path of humanity.

We are living in a great moment of humanity, where values such as universal love, hope and benevolence have replaced capitalism and basic materialism. Our children need to understand that they have the power to change themselves and to spread the energy of universal love and commit themselves to be For peace and not Against war. Energy has a decisive place in my paintings, because it is all about that.

My objectives are to free the creative being in each of us, and to value the talents through self-confidence and the discovery of fulfillment through the various arts. Tested with a large public, including young children and inactive people, the creation of social links and activity around art, has allowed a re-connection to oneself and at the same time to others. Each being has an unsuspected capacity that they often seek outside themselves, wanting to exist through the eyes of a society that we cannot name. The organization of workshops around abstract art, calligraphy, sharing and realization of collective works, following instructions based on letting go and connecting to the present moment, has demonstrated that people who have confidence in themselves, go out to explore their real abilities, and thus allow themselves to be in harmony and alignment with their true personality which they then put at the disposal of society with joy and enthusiasm.
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