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Roger Boubenec
Watercolors with plants

I want to introduce you with an archaic sensation, a forgotten knowledge deep inside us.

We are made up with a distant combination where water and plants are important, we need to rediscover this part; it is our house, we have to take care of it.

I use plants to create large watercolor paintings, with their imprints mixed with water streams as a metaphor of a remote time.

There is a profound and vivid unity between certain vegetable images and our dreams, like a transposition of our intimate imagination captured by the plant souls.

Each project starts by choosing and picking up plants and flowers, before applying them on the watercolor paper.

These large watercolors symbolize the birth of life and its fragility by leaving an imprint of many flora specimens, chosen according to the season. These plants will then be used as tools for the impression of watercolors’ pigments. Like a book open on our past and future.

In short, I am willing to allow the audience to live again this past and archaic knowledge, by witnessing the large dimensions of the artworks and the performance of their realizations.

My name is Roger Boubenec. I am a visual artist, doing also watercolor paintings. I live in Toulon, France, close to a limestone plateau, full of plants and scrubland. I am passionate by long walks in nature, surrounded by the flora and mineral features, by the wind, the smells around me. All this, I try to embody it in the landscape I paint, with water streams, with pigment projections, with salt crystallization, and with plant imprints.

I create pictures of the landscapes I see, but with innovative tools, in order to give the essence of landscapes. My message aims at making our contemporaries and the next generations sensitive about the fragility, the diversity and the beauty of the world. We should be more aware about our position in the universe, be more aware about our place in the world beauty.

As William Blake said:

 “To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And  Eternity in an hour.”
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