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My name is Baguenau. I am the object of a happening. Originally I am a work of art gone down from his base. I am 48 centimeters. I carry with my small arms woman’ underwear. I am made of shimmering colors. When poeple see me, they get surprised.

My creator is a visual artist named Sandrine Laurent Garcia. My friend and photographer David Penez follows me anywhere and takes pictures of I. There is Henri Genty, he is my movie maker. Thierry Dervaux is my graphic designer.

I’m not here to awake you. I am here to wake you and to continue to make you feel child soul again. In my adventures, I’m often a sower of good moods.

I’m not obsequious but I am very proud of myself as you can read ! Ahaha. I am not modest since I’ve started to carry underwear but I keep inside me all of these emotions lived and shared with 1870 people met and 2348 pictures posted on Facebook. Yes I post every pictures that David Penez takes on social networks. My intention in doing that is to point with a finger the people’ overexposure provoked by social networks. As an inner book open to anyone without any filter, this overexposure can, sometimes, provoked heavy damage.

The underwear that I carry extend the idea of privacy bare. Another idea: the selfies, the need to push oneself forward and get the gratitude of anybody. That’s why I am always in foreground in any selfies with new friends (like a signature).

I wanted to know who makes and “built” life in a city. There are some beings, associations, sensitivities, skills, commitments. The most important point in what I do is to reveal cultural movements and contemporary artists. I want to create social links. I have met fabulous people in all the cities I went. This adventure is a guided tour which see’s to valorize places, architectural heritage, museums, culinary specialities…

Take care and share.

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