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Mediterranean Body

I am lucky to have the opportunity to share my feelings and sensations with the citizens of many cities in the world where I exhibit (France, Danemark, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Switzerland…). I came to France thirty-five years ago. I am an artist and I exercise my art freely.

My art can also be monumental when I have to respond to space. Public space is a space where society expresses itself. It is important that art brings its vision.

My sculpture “Mediterranean Body” represents a body stranded on the banks of the Seine in Paris with a foot in the water.

It can be a woman or a man, someone lying and having a rest, or it can also be the symbol of a cry for help.

My sculpture therefore takes place in the city to summon its inhabitants and passers-by.

I challenge them, I try to upset their habits. It is by the representation of the figure that I share my convictions.

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