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Maud Louvrier-Clerc

My main motivation is to better understand the world, our construction of the world and this one through the eyes of citizens because we are all co-creators of the world. My goal with JEMONDE – a poetic exploration of the Anthropocene and my 8th interactive artistic protocol of action research – is to bring out the voices of citizens around the world. I have already collected hundreds of testimonies, in more than twenty languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak, Bengali, Libyan, Japanese…).

JEMONDE impacts society through each citizen by the awareness it provokes, that of the importance of our interdependence with others and with our planet. Poetic co-creation, protean work is also a fossil, a memory, left to future generations.

JEMONDE started in 2014 with Maud Louvrier-Clerc as part of her residency in the artistic and cultural program “DANS QUELLE VIE TU MONDE (S)?” (IN WHAT LIFE YOU WORLD (S)?) a Franco-Chinese dialogue on art and the environment initiated by a collective of artists, scientists, academics and entrepreneurs between Paris, Metz, Wuhan, Shanghai and Beijing.

Poetess, committed artist and designer, Maud Louvrier-Clerc develops classic or interactive tailormade works with public or private partners who question environmental and social themes, and more specifically the good living together on our Earth.
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