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Constance Fulda
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For many reasons, we live our modern lives surrounded by concrete. It is essential to preserve a link with nature and in particular with trees, which preceded us thousands of years ago and have witnessed our lives. It is no chance that all cultures throughout the world have revered trees. Scientists are constantly discovering their properties, be it their influence on the climate, their medical virtues, or their importance in stress therapy.

I, Constance Fulda, a visual artist, feel the need to talk about them, to show them, to help reveal their more secret aspects, to make them more part of our world; in other words, to act as their agent. I simply focus on their bark. I intervene in two ways: first by making rubbings of the texture of the barks onto a surface of paper. A sort of calligraphy, particular to each tree, is then revealed. These sessions often happen in front of the public, and can sometimes be quite a spectacular act. The tree bark relief prints are then exhibited and seen by a large number of visitors, who all tell me that afterwards they never look at trees in the same way again. Finally, when I return to my studio, I enter a creative phase of painting, remaining in fusion with the trees, seeking new ways of talking about them. I am aware that artists speak a different language that is also a vector of hope.
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